Texas Lawmakers Vote on Legislation to Raise Age to Purchase Assault Weapons

In a move that shocked the United States, Texas state lawmakers voted to advance a gun-control bill that would increase the age to purchase assault weapons and high-capacity magazines from 18 to 21, just shortly before the bill’s deadline.

This decision comes only two days after another mass shootings, along with tireless advocacy from Moms Demand Action and other advocates. Not only does the bill raise the legal age to purchase assault-style weapons, but it also prohibits the sale of firearms to those who are intoxicated, as well as people who have a protective or restraining order against them. Once the 8-5 vote for support of the bill had been announced, cheers and applause were heard the families from Uvalde and now, Allen, Texas who have been advocating since the massacres in their communities.

In response to a small win for gun-control advocacy groups, some far-right groups have pushed back, with the president of Texas Gun Rights, Chris McNutt calling it a “knee jerk ‘just to do something’ mentality”. However, this bill receiving the support that it has in the state of Texas, which in recent years has only made the ability to access guns easier, has only continued to embolden those who are advocating at the statehouse and the capitol.